The Dark Tower (M) 95min
Thurs 17th - 10.30am, 8pm

Frid 18th - 7.45pm
Sat 19th - 1pm, 8pm
Sun 20th - 1.30pm
Mon 21st - 10.30am, 8pm

Tues 22nd - 1pm, 8pm
Wed 23rd - 1.15pm, 8pm
Thurs 24th - 10.30am, 8pm
Frid 25th - 1pm, 8pm
Sat 26th - 1pm, 5.30pm
Sun 27th - 1.30pm, 6.15pm
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (M) 137min
Mon 14th - 8pm
Tues 15th - 10.30am, 5.30pm
Wed 16th - 8pm
Thurs 17th - 12.30pm, 5.30pm
Frid 18th - 9.45pm
Sat 19th - 10.30am, 5.30pm
Sun 20th - 11am
Mon 21st - 12.30pm, 5.30pm

Tues 22nd - 10.30am, 5.30pm
Wed 23rd - 5.30pm
Thurs 24th - 12.30pm, 5.30pm
Frid 25th - 10.30am, 5.30pm
Sat 26th - 10.30am, 7.30pm
Sun 27th - 11am, 3.30pm
War for the Planet of the Apes (M) 142min
Mon 14th - 10.30am, 5.30pm
Tues 15th - 1.15pm, 8pm
Wed 16th - 10.30am, 5.30pm
Thurs 17th - 3pm
Frid 18th - 5pm
Sat 19th - 3pm
Sun 20th - 3.30pm
Mon 21st - 3.00pm

Tues 22nd - 3pm
Wed 23rd - 10.30am

Baby Driver (MA 15+) 113 min
Mon 14th - 1.15pm

Tues 15th - no screenings
Wed 16th - 1.15pm

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